Asyifa Syafiningdyah Putrambami Latief
is Miss World Indonesia 2010

Asyifa Syafiningdyah Putrambami Latief finally elected as Miss Indonesia 2010. Finalists from the West Java was successfully set aside two other candidates, Clarashinta Arumdani of the Special Region of Yogyakarta and East Java Kusumaningtyas Kartika.

Beautiful virgin birth of Bandung, 20 September 1988 managed to amaze the jury when answering questions in round three of the Miss Indonesia 2010. Asyifa-so familiar call-Latif Asyifa Syafiningdyah Putrambami persistence begins to explain the meaning of determination to go through something in life.

During the event the Miss Indonesia 2010, Asyifa always passes through each stage smoothly. For the first time, incoming Asyifa big round of 10 with Dina Syafira, Diah Astiti Cokorda Great Wife, Clarashinta Arumdani, Therese Yuanita Wijaya Kartika Kusumaningtyas, Dani Ayu Chahyawati, Natasya Oktaviane Morgan, Jena, Sarita, and Priscilla Febrita.


Miss Indonesia along with nine finalists, competing Asyifa must get five big ticket Miss Indonesia 2010. In this round, finalists must be able to answer questions posed directly fellow finalist Miss Indonesia well. These five winners will compete for big ticket big three Miss Indonesia 2010.

Again the Femina face 2009 semifinalists and finalists in 2009 this Chamber Ambassador strolled into round five. Asyifa compete with Clarashinta Arumdani, Therese Yuanita Wijaya, Sarita Jena, and Kartika Kusumaningtyas. Asyifa success in answering questions from beauty expert Martha Tilaar apparently managed to deliver three large round entrance. "Many people want to change the world, but not many people who want to transform himself. I want to initiate the change yourself, but keep an open line with the times, "said Martha Tilaar Asyifa when asked about the" eastern values "have a high value in the culture. Answers to convince it was able to capture the attention of the jury. Finally, Asyifa went in three major and was elected Miss Indonesia 2010. The jury had stolen Asyifa attention, among them the Miss Indonesia Foundation founder Liliana Tanoesoedibjo, Martha Tilaar, Rima Melati, Raam Punjabi, Peter Saerang, Harry Darsono, and Ferry Salim.

2nd Runner-Up To Miss Indonesia 2010 finally achieved Kartika Kusumaningtyas from East Java and Runner-Up 1 won Clarashinta Arumdani of Yogyakarta Special Region. In addition to being Miss Indonesia 2010, Asyifa also won for the category Miss Body Beautiful. While for other categories such as Miss Beautiful Skin Priscilla won Febrita (North Sulawesi), and Miss Innovation achieved Natasya Oktaviane Morgan (Maluku). Meanwhile, Miss Friendship given to Indria Zulkarnaen (East Nusa Tenggara), Miss Favorites won in June Majesty (West Kalimantan), and Miss Slim & Healty won Clarashinta Arumdani (DI Yogyakarta).

The winners get a series of special gifts and flowers from the jury Miss Indonesia. Asyifa also looked pleased and happy when Miss Indonesia Foundation founder Liliana Tanoesoedibjo congratulated. The Miss Indonesia competition was broadcast live by RCTI began at 21:00 pm. Held in Ballroom Centrak Park, West Jakarta, the event was the Miss World 2009 Kaiane dihadir Aldorino with the Chairman of the Miss World Organisation Julia Morley and Miss World Organization Event Director, Stephen Douglas.